Wedding photography

I was asked by an acquaintance to do a photoshoot when her brother was getting married. My first serious request as an amateur photographer. I hesitated at first, not sure if I really had what it takes to make the couple justice, but I then decided to not be so scared of new challenges. So I accepted. I met the sweet bride-and-groom-to-be about a month before the wedding, to check the location for the photoshoot, the light etc and to take some test photos. It all went well so on a hot summers day, the 1st of July this year, I spent about 4,5 hours taking over 1000 photos. Phew! I was exhausted afterwards  – It’s been a really long time since I was as nervous as I was that day!

At the moment, the couple are choosing some photos they want edited before the shoot is all settled and done, but I’ve got permission to show some of the photos here.

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Thank you Erik and Josefine for asking me, I’ve learnt so much by this, and I can’t wait to do this again in the future!


Prisoner no. 90 Kleist


About the show (info below taken from translated by yours truly)

The show is based on the record “Marstrandsfånge No 90 Kleist” (Marstrand Prisoner no 90 Kleist) by and with Singer-Songwriter Stefan Andersson, and tells the story about the prisoners and soldiers at Carlsten Fortress during the 1600th-1800th centuries. Being sentenced “labour at Marstrand” was the gravest punishment served in Sweden at the time – you arrived to the fortress almost certainly never to return – at least not alive. The show tells the tales of prisoners as well as the battle at Carlsten when the Danish visited 1719. Through music and plays, you will get to know characters like commander Danchwardt, prisoner no 90 Kleist, Beckius the executioner, Lasse-Maja and a drunken Tordenskiöld. 

King Karl X decided to build Carlstens fortress in 1658, with the purpose of protecting the swedish fleet residing in the harbour. He did not carry the heavy stones himself, of course, it was a task for the prisoners who got locked up inside the thick walls. The village of Marstrand was founded around year 1200 by the king Hakon IV and has been strategiclly important place for the military through history. The fishing and commerce at Marstrand was important, especially during the “herring eras”. Marstrand was a “free harbour” with no religious belonging where criminals actually could get a safe haven. The fortress was a prison until the year of 1854 but kept a certain military importance for some years to come. 


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Today I went with my family to Anten where we bought tickets to ride with the steamengined locomotive to Gräfsnäs, where we had a picnic by the lake and then visited the castle ruins. We had a lot of luck since the heavy rain kept away until we were heading home again.

It was a lovely day outdoors and we would love to visit the castle grounds again, it surely must be a perfect spot for photographing weddings!

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Marstrand Fortress / Carlsten Fortress

Carlsten is a stone fortress located at Marstrand, on the western coast of Sweden. The fortress was built on the orders of King Carl X of Sweden following the Treaty of Roskilde, 1658 to protect the newly acquired province of Bohuslän from hostile attacks. (Wikipedia)

dsc_3632On our way up to the fortress.

A couple of weeks ago, a beautiful sunday morning, I visited Carlstens Fortress together with some of my family. Such a beautiful place to be, and the weather made it even more perfect. Not that easy to take those really grand photos though, that recquire some thought, when you have your youngest (2 years) running about in need of supervision. So I have to come back and spend a whole day there photographing. Here are some of my shots.

dsc_3660dsc_3661A canon from 1792, still in use. Cool!


Since Carlsten used to be a prison there are a lot of stories about the convicts housed by the fortress. The most famous one is “Lasse Maja”, a thief who disguised himself as a female and pretended to be a maid, housekeeper as well as a prostitute while stealing from the employers or customers. In his biography, Lars Molin, as his real name was, wrote that he actually lived as a woman from time to time.  Not only while committing crimes, but as a way of life. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison in 1812 after stealing the silver from Järfälla church.


Above the cell door, the sign tell us that this used to be Lasse Majas quarters.

While living as a woman, he learnt a lot of new skills. One of those were cooking, which made him serve his time at the fortress as one of the chefs for a long time. He also wrote a book about his adventurous life. Due to his popularity and work to help other convicts to endure the harsh life at the fortress, he was pardoned by the king in 1838, and died at his farm in 1845.

The only female prisoner at the fortress was named Metta Fock. She was accused of the murders of her husband and two children. She claimed her innocense and since there was a lack of evidence, the authorities decided she would be housearrested until she either confessed or died. She spent her arrest in the fortress between 1806 and 1809. What one should consider here is that the fortress is completely made out of stone, and the winters at the time were freezing. Many convicts died of diseases due to the cold, harsh conditions they lived in. Lacking paper and pencil, she still declared her innocence by embroidering a letter to the authourites on a piece of fabric that remains today on display at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm.In 1809 she confessed to the murders, and was sentenced to death. Before she was beheaded in november 1810, her hand was cut off, and afterwards, her body burnt. This happened only 200 years ago. Whether she actually was guilty or not, who knows?


When I visit next time, I will visit Mettas own cell, something that simply was not possible this time. I also strongly recommend the novel Mercurium by Ann Rosman that tells the story of Mettas life.

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My Peak Challenge


Since March this year, I’m part of a fundraiser called My Peak Challenge. Created by actor Sam Heughan, the idea is to help people reach their peaks  – both physical and non-physical ones – and raise money for Bloodwise – who support research for curing blood cancer in the UK (but the research can of course benefit all who struggle with blood cancers all around the world). It’s a charity that I fullheartedly support. It’s taken me so far. I’ve started running, working out at a gym, I bicycled the Great Glen Way, drove on the lefthand side in Scotland, finished my Master Degree in Nursing..  And I’m making up so many new Peaks for 2017. Joining MPC has changed my life for the better. Why not make it change yours too?

If you wish to learn more about My Peak Challenge please visit  or visit them on fb or twitter @mypeakchallenge

Our newest add to the family

I’m back from Scotland and I have a lot of photos to show you. But I need to convert them all from raw to jpeg before I can do that. So, in the meantime, here’s our newest family member. His name is Sam and he’s about 13 weeks old. Adorable, curious and loves to play, like most kittens do.

I give you a sneakpeak of the photos from Scotland too – one of the best shots this time. I probably will develop the picture into a canvas to put on the wall in my living room. It’s taken on the Isle of Skye, the day we arrived. The only day we actually saw the sun for a short while.

Keep in touch! 🙂


Swedish Summers

It’s July 14th and only 19 days left to go until I’m boarding the plane to Edinburgh! I look so much forward to it and hope by then, that the weather has changed a bit. I know that it’s always talk about all the rain in Scotland.. But I’m rather used to it! Sweden are lacking it’s normal pretty warm summers – it made a quick visit in may and then dissappeared again. Ever since it’s been raining more or less almost every day.

But, despite of the weather, I’ve managed to enjoy my free time anyway. Last weekend I visited my sister and her family  at a cottage they’ve rented for a week or two during the past three summers. And since I’ve just bought myself a new camera – finally – and need to practise practise practise before Scotland, I did take a whole lot of photos.


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I only have two weeks left before my 4 week long vacation from work, and hopefully I can continue to fill this blog with a new set of photos in a quicker manner than before. Of course, there will be a gap between august 2 and august 16. But believe me, after Scotland I will likely have a thousands of photos to share with you. So stay tuned! 🙂


A hike with the family

Hello everyone!

It’s been too long since I last posted something here. I have and am still studying, a few more weeks now before I’m finally finished. Then I’ve also started my new job at the same time. So I’ve had a lot on my mind but now I hope to soon be able to fully update this blog as was intended.

The summer has come to Sweden. The past week or so we’ve had sunshine and over +24 degrees Celsius. Who can believe that it actually was snowing just two or three weeks ago?!?

With the warmth and a weekend off duty, I took my husband and kids out on a hike yesterday. It got a little bit more adventurous than asked for, when we, at the end of the 8 km long trail, got lost. My husbands cellphone died and I had no GPS on mine.. Well I do normally but it hasn’t been working for weeks now for some reason. So, we had a clue where we were but since the trails orange markings on the trees suddenly dissappeared, e had to take chances. Turning right, or left. We turned right and of course it was the wrong way. The path came to a deadend after about 1 km. So we turned back, and passed the first exit where we took the wrong turn. Just about 200-300m from that point, there was a house and with that as a reference point, I could figure out where on the map we were. It turned out that if we’d turned left, we would’ve come back to the start (where our car was waiting for us) in just about a km. So it all ended well, but for a moment I was thinking about calling the police, asking for help  to navigate back to the car. Not embarrasing at all..

Anyway… I took some photos but unfortunately I’d fotgot to charge my camera battery so it died after a couple of hours. A simple beginners mistake, except that I should’ve learned by now 😉

Very well, here are some photos.


sju sjoar 4sjusjoar1sjusjoar2sjusjoar3sjusjoar5sjusjoar6sjusjoar7sjusjoar8

Practising photoshop


It’s been some time since I wrote here, mainly because I’ve started working again after maternity leave. with 3 kids, there’s only so much time. But I am still on the Ultimate Photography Program course with Shaw Academy and tonight I had the opportunity to practise some new skills I’ve learnt. I made a color photograph into black and white, and removed a sign (to the lefthand side in the Picture to the right). For a first attempt, I am pleased. But I haven’t heard the critics from my teachers yet so I might change on that one in due course 😉